Dick Handley, CEO / Chairman
With over 30+ years of water and wastewater treatment experience, Dick is both an expert in the field and an entrepreneurial investor. Until recently, Dick was the owner of three small companies that operated under the umbrella of Inland Aqua Technologies (Inland AquaTech). These three companies focused on 1) traditional boiler, cooling, and waste water treatment, 2) water and deposit analytical services, and 3) environmental water and wastewater equipment. Finding the routine aspects of his business unfulfilling, Dick decided to divest from traditional water treatment and analytical services, as his energies were being drawn to more innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Therefore, in 1997 Dick created Inland Environmental Resources to be his primary focus, and the other business interests were sold. Since that time, Dick’s entrepreneurial spirit has been rekindled with the desire to bring environmentally-friendly technologies to industry that can result in process water that is safer for the foods in our processes, and wastewater that has soil-building value as it is returned to our environment.


Doug Kelley, IER President and Technical Director

After graduating in 1990 with his Ph. D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Iowa State University, Doug went immediately to work for Nalco Chemical Company, the world’s largest industrial water treatment company. Working in the laboratory, Doug was responsible for patenting new chemical compositions and methodologies for applications as diverse as boiler water oxygen-scavenging and cooling water silica scale inhibition. Doug is an expert in the areas of scale formation, corrosion control, microbial control, and wastewater treatment. However, it is difficult within a large corporation for an entrepreneurial spirit to remain strong while constantly battling to bring new technology from the idea stage to product fulfillment. Doug discovered IER while Dick was in the midst of selling his boiler, cooling, and waste water treatment interests to Nalco. They rapidly developed a friendship that resulted in Doug leaving Nalco to help Dick build the foundation of what IER is today – a leader in innovative, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective technologies for process and wastewater applications.