AmalgamR Product Line:

In the Spring of 2006, IER filed a patent application covering a novel family of new wastewater treatment additives, called AmalgamR. The magnesium-based AmalgamR product line allows for pH neutralization, increased solids settling, sludge volume reduction, and excellent phosphorous removal properties. IER’s goal with the AmalgamR product line is to provide the wastewater industry with a formulated product, approved for food-grade applications, that will perform at such a reduced cost that allows for previously cost prohibitive wastewater treatment applications. Extensive trials are currently in progress in the municipal, dairy, and potato processing industries.


Clackamas Wastewater Short School:

Dr. Doug Kelley, IER’s Technical Director, provided a training session at the Clackamas Community College Wastewater Short School entitled “If It Stinks, It Corrodes”. The 45-minute session covered the causes of odor generation in sewer lines and reviewed the known processes for odor remediation. Dr. Kelley highlighted the most environmentally-friendly and least expensive approach being the delivery of very high concentrations of dissolved oxygen into the sewer lines using IER’s Gener-Ox™ technology. In this chemical-free way, the conversion of the anaerobic microbial environment to aerobic eliminates both the odor and gas-phase corrosion in concrete-lined pipe.